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With an exciting morning ahead of us, we start the day early. We arrive at our departure point, the beautiful d’Albora Marina, Teramby Road, Nelson Bay, no later than 5.20am. Once appropriately parked (see sub-heading “Parking”), proceed to Dock ‘C’ and embark the 15.8 metre sailing catamaran ‘Imagine’ where you will find our friendly staff waiting to help you get fitted for your wetsuit and snorkel gear. Our experienced dive masters and captain will brief you thoroughly regarding the boat safety, our ‘swim with dolphins’ technique and our swim regulations, and will also respond to any expectations and concerns you may have as we set our team goals while cruising by the magnificent bay and offshore islands of Port Stephens. Our Common Dolphins search area is usually within a 10 nautical mile radius of the heads, offshore in the Tasman Sea.

Our permit allows us to interact with Short-Beaked Common Dolphin (D.delphis) and Oceanic Bottlenose Dolphin (T.truncatus); both are wild dolphins and live in the offshore waters of the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park. When we find our dolphin friends, they will let us know if they are interested in playing with us by joining us and riding the bow waves of our boat. It is then time to follow closely the dive masters’ and crew’s instructions for getting ready to enter the dolphins’ domain. From the bow net – and while secured to the towrope - we then carefully enter the water. After giving the dive master the OK signal, you are gently towed through the water where, as we move off, the dolphins are given the opportunity to come over of their own free will and continue their bow-surfing/people-watching fun. Here, at last, is the moment we’ve all waited for: being as one with the dolphins and entering the pod as they come over to view us while crossing between the bows and scanning us with their bio-sonar!

In the open water with wild dolphins there can be no guarantees however, over the years, we have achieved success rate statistics that are the envy of the wild dolphin swim community. Our intention is to give you the best opportunity to achieve maximum benefit from the experience through all facets of the program. Please ensure you read this program document in its entirety. If you have any questions at all please Contact Us on: 1300 721 358

Program Details

  • Dates: September-May. Specific dates available at
  • Location: Dock C, d’Albora Marina, Teramby Road, Nelson Bay NSW
  • Time: 5.00am – 10.00am
  • Departure: 5:45am - 6:00am
  • Vessel: Imagine

We are in the wild and we cannot guarantee the dolphins location or willingness to interact with us. Over the years however, we have achieved success rate statistics that are the envy of the wild dolphin swim community. Our intention is to give you the best possible opportunity to achieve this amazing experience. If it doesn’t work out, we provide a guarantee that you can return for free until you successfully swim with wild dolphins! If you have any questions at all please Contact Us on 1300 721 358.


Please view the map for the closest car parks to Dolphin Swim Australia. There is four hour metered parking at the marina. The car parks marked in yellow are free car parks. DSA staff will meet you at the ‘Imagine’ boat, On Dock C of the D’Albora Marina.


A 3mm ‘Steamer’ Wetsuit is provided by Dolphin Swim Australia once you arrive at the boat. You are also provided with masks and snorkels. This is all covered in your swim cost.

It is essential that you have a well-fitting wetsuit. Please ensure that you have been fitted for your wetsuit 30 minutes prior to departure and NO LATER THAN 5:40am. Leave the wetsuit ON and pulled down to your waist please and wear something warm on top.


This is an open water experience with wind and waves playing a part in vessel movement. Operators cannot be held accountable for seasickness! ‘Travacalm’ is supplied on the vessel. If you suffer motion illness, please consider taking medication before bed for a couple of days prior to your swim as well as when you get on board the vessel. This can often produce a better result.


Even on warm mornings, please wear warm clothes! It can get cold when you are offshore Bring a weatherproof jacket and a towel. Wear your swimsuit under your clothes so you are ready to change into your wetsuit.

We are there to assist you at all times. It is your total responsibility to act in an appropriate manner, to communicate your needs and to go with your condition/ability. Do take care of yourself and others! Once on the boat, you are at your own risk (please ensure you read the ‘Waiver’ which is found under ‘Programs’ on our website). This includes on-board and in the water.

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