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Dolphin Swim Australia appears in Woman’s Day Magazine: Swimming with wild dolphins


In February, Elizabeth Best came on our dolphin swim with her boyfriend, Ben. Elizabeth is a writer for Woman’s Day and had come to Port Stephens to write about the area for the magazine’s travel section. She was so blown away by her wild dolphin swim, however, that she couldn’t help but write most of the article about her experience.

What Elizabeth has written describes our wild dolphin swim so well, that we had to share it with you.

“It’s 4am and the sun isn’t up, but I am. Usually it’d take an army to drag me from bed before nine on a Saturday, but today I’m even awake before my early-rising boyfriend. We’re heading to the marina in charming Port Stephens to go snorkelling in the ocean with wild dolphins.

We’ll be harnessed on a rope under a catamaran and pulled through the water while, hopefully, a pod of dolphins frolics around us. It’s a mind-blowing concept, and Dolphin Swim Australia in Port Stephens (two-and-a-half hours’ drive north of Sydney) is the only company you can do it with.

Songs of the Sea

“It’s all about the vibe,”divemaster Andrew Parker tells us. “So stay positive and sing!” Wait, what?

Dolphins have a reputation for being the party animals of the deep for good reason; they’re attracted to “singing” or high-pitched noise, so the best way to get close is to cheer and hum.

So despite our tiredness – and some initial awkwardness – it’s not long before everyone’s whooping and whistling. Then we see it, a fin slicing through the water. A playful pod joins us, dolphins leaping above the waves, beckoning us in. It’s time.

At first, I panic. The pressure on my chest feels enormous and I forget the basic mechanics of breathing. I splutter and need to be pulled above water, but the instructor yells: “Look down – now!” And I do.

Gliding just below me are five enormous, magnificent dolphins. All panic fades and I hold on in awe. I remember what Andrew said and “sing” into my snorkel. It’s more like an excited squeal at first but turns into a slow, steady hum. And then I hear it – they’re singing back. I feel the vibration of their voices under the water and I almost forget to breathe again.”19203_816530938395694_5109473578049668484_n

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Dolphin Swim Australia Welcomes Special Guest: Delta Goodrem


Dolphin Swim Australia has had a brilliant season so far with the most amazing interactions with our favou rite friends of the sea: wild dolphins!

DSA welcomed a special guest on board: Delta Goodrem!! the wild dolphins absolutely loved her singing and we had amazing continuous interactions. This unique opportunity allows us to actually become a member of a pod of dolphins. The special connection is absolutely magical. Our dolphin swim tour is unlike any other in the world!

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Don’t miss out! BOOK your next dolphin swim today!

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Swim with Wild Dolphins New South Wales


This dolphin swim season had been unforgettable and it’s not over yet!! BOOK NOW for the thrill of a lifetime: Swimming with wild dolphins just north of Sydney.

As we sail out in the early morning watching the sunrise over the headlands, we are shortly greeted by our friendly short beaked common dolphins whistling and singing at our bow. You enter the water amongst the pod and sing the morning away with the friendliest dolphins on the planet!

Book now for the thrill of a lifetime!under boat shot 1

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