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Dolphin Swim Australia Starts 2015 with Amazing Dolphin Swim Tours


Imagine yourself gliding through the ocean with a pod of wild dolphins! Dolphin Swim Australia offers the unique opportunity to become a member of a pod of dolphins for an exciting and breathtaking morning out at sea.

We are halfway through Dolphin Swim Australia’s 5th season and we could not have asked for a better season! We have recently seen short beaked common dolphins in massive numbers, at times reaching up to 500 dolphins!

Don’t miss out! Book your next dolphin swim tour TODAY and join the elite group of people who have been welcomed into a dolphins natural home!


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Swim with Dolphins: Summer Holiday Activity!


Summer is almost here and the weather is quickly warming up! Many of us are starting to look at what we may want to do over the Christmas break and most of our thoughts turn to one thing – the water! Just a few hours north of Sydney, why not join a wild dolphin swim in the pristine waters of Port Stephens.

Swimmers getting ready to enter the water with wild dolphins

At Dolphin Swim Australia we encourage people from all walks of life to come and share in this amazing experience of swimming with wild dolphins! Whether you’re looking for a fantastic family activity, a bonding corporate session, a weekend getaway, a spiritually enriching encounter, or the adventure of a lifetime, our team at Dolphin Swim Australia will guide you every step of the way on the path to making your dreams a reality!

Swimming with dolphins is a unique and magical experience that will leave you buzzing with happiness, excitement and energy! BOOK your dolphin swim today and become one of the privileged few!

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Wild Dolphin Swim: Sydney Weekend Getaway


Dolphin Swim Australia offers a unique opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park. Get up close and personal with a pod of wild dolphins that you actually get to swim with. No words can describe the sensation of swimming with wild dolphins. You and your friends will be able to look back on this for years to come – and maybe even make it a regular event!  We also  have room on the boat for observers for the most thrilling wild dolphin watch.

The dolphin swim tour is 4 hours long, you return to the dock at around 10.00am, you’ll have plenty of time to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying Nelson Bay.  Or maybe you’d prefer to relax on one of the numerous beautiful beaches in Port Stephens, fine dine or join another adventure tour!

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Dolphin Swim Australia from Paige Hollenbeck on Vimeo.

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