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Wild Dolphin Swim: Understanding Dolphin behaviour


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Understanding dolphin behaviour or ‘body language’ is key to ensuring our permitted wild dolphin swim remains compliant with our permit conditions and the current national government legislation. However, more importantly to us, understanding dolphin behaviour means we never chase, harm or harass these amazing animals simply to fulfil our desire to swim with them.

When we venture out into the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park, we are looking for indicator signals created by dolphin behaviour. Breaching is where a dolphin leaps clear of the water and it can be a signal of play, travel, annoyance or simply to get a better view of the surrounding above water area. What better way to see above water than to leap two metres clear of it? Our team can see a breach on certain days up to 10 nautical miles away! If we get to the area where the breach occurred and there are multiple dolphins, we can then determine if it is play, travel or annoyance behaviour being exhibited and design our parallel approach accordingly; or we can simply ‘wait in the wings’ to allow them to finish what they are doing and join us if/when they are ready.

Spy-Hopping is another way dolphins like to view the world above water. They will swim to the surface and usually tilt to one side or the other and stick their heads up as high as they can, peek-a-boo style. It’s pretty cute when you know they are wanting a better look at everyone on the boat. They do this out of curiosity, or they can also do it out of fear. Man is the greatest threat to all species on this planet and our dolphin friends know this very well.

That is why we take extreme care to understand and study the dolphins we encounter and always take the most respectful and cautious approach once we have determined the behaviour on the day. Our team invest in viewing hours of underwater video, taking untold numbers of still photos and dorsal fin shots to identify the animals we encounter. Knowledge and understanding is shared within our team and with our swimmers so we can serve and protect our dolphin friends whilst at the same time introducing human kind to the dolphins’ world. Understanding behaviour is key to a successful ongoing relationship with Cetacea.

Andrew Parker (CEO – Dolphin Swim Australia)

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Swim with Wild Dolphins near Sydney


dolphins netAre you looking for your next wild animal adventure! Look no further, Dolphin Swim Australia’s wild dolphin swim tours are the thrill of a lifetime. Operating in the beautiful Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park offshore with oceanic dolphins. Just a brief drive north of Sydney in the pristine waters of the marine park.

You won’t believe your eyes. this all natural experience is even more special as the dolphins choose to join our vessel and interact with us in their natural habitat. After the adventure tour, we we make our way back home knowing that the dolphins are wild and free in their home!

Appreciate wildlife as you never have before. The swim season ends mid-May, don’t miss the opportunity and BOOK NOW!

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New Year’s Resolutions: Dolphin Swim Style!


The New Year has started for Dolphin Swim Australia (DSA) with a frenzy of activity! Lots of breathtaking swims with an abundance of interested and playful dolphins, fantastic clients with loads of positive energy and the most caring and professional team you could ever want to have by your side!

Excited about to get in water, mask on

And, it’s at this time of year that many people make a New Year’s Resolution; they decide to do something that will change their lives – hopefully, for the better.

The history of the New Year’s Resolution started with the Babylonians who, at the start of each new year (which, for them, was March), would make promises to their gods to return borrowed objects and pay their debts.

Instead of the usual resolutions, however, why not try something different this year with a positive adrenalin rush which will act like a wave to project you forward on the road to a successful 2015. Here at DSA, we believe your new year’s resolution should be to swim with wild dolphins!

Dolphins have such an infectious energy that you can’t help feeling ‘abuzz’ after having swum with them. It is unlike any other experience you’ll have and will leave you energized and enthused about life in general!

Make your first New Year’s Resolution for 2015 the one that will kick-start all the rest. Swim with wild dolphins and ride the wave of success into the new year and beyond !!

BOOK NOW for your wild dolphin swim experience!

Excited Customer


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