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Dolphin Swim Australia Kicks off the 2014-2015 season this weekend!


Come and join Dolphin Swim Australia as we kick off our 5th season. The season opens on Saturday the 6th of September. 

Have you ever dreamt of swimming with WILD dolphins – on their terms and in their own environment?  DOLPHIN SWIM AUSTRALIA  has developed a way to make that dream come true!  DSA’s swims take place just 2.5 hours north of Sydney in the open ocean outside the spectacular heads of Port Stephens. Guests are immersed in the breathtaking world of bow-surfing dolphins and pulled gently through the water at the front of the vessel amid the dolphins. It’s just like being part of the pod!

The curious dolphins swim back and forth between the bows, whistling and clicking, clearly fascinated by the humans watching them! Dolphin Swim Australia’s tour also offers ‘observer’ spaces, where guests of all ages can watch and be a part of the unique dolphin watching experience.  After a thrilling morning swimming with dolphins and sailing the high seas, guests then enjoy breakfast whilst cruising back to picturesque D’Albora Marina in Nelson Bay. This exhilarating experience of traveling through th

Divemaster, David Scott, enjoying the ride as a large pod of dolphins ride with us back to the marina after swimming with us all morning! (01.02.14)

e open ocean with pods of wild, oceanic dolphins is an unforgettable and must-do activity! Not only is Dolphin Swim Australia the first company in the world to develop a swim of this kind, but it is the first and only one in NSW to be given a permit to swim with WILD DOLPHINS!!

Don’t miss out! Book now for your once in a lifetime experience to swim with wild dolphins! Call 1 (300)-721-358 or click BOOK NOW



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Dolphin Swim Australia are finalists in the NSW Regional Tourism Awards


The team at Dolphin Swim Australia are proud to announce we are finalists in the QantasLink NSW Regional Tourism Awards. Our unique wild dolphin swim is currently preparing for our fifth season as the only permitted wild dolphin swim in New South Wales.

Combining sensational dolphin watching with a unique, in water dolphin swimming experience, we get up close and personal with Short Beaked Common dolphin and Oceanic Bottlenose dolphin. Our Port Stephens dolphin swim experience is a world first form of dolphin swimming adventure. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced dive masters, there to help you with your in-water dolphin swim encounter, marine mammal observers to keep us compliant with the law and permit conditions and trained in dolphin behaviour to keep our swimmers safe, on board scientists conducting research and providing educational briefings all on board our luxury 50 foot ocean catamaran Imagine.

If you are looking for the best wild dolphin swim on the East Coast of Australia, look no further than Dolphin Swim Australia.


Bring on the gong;)







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Wild Dolphin Swimming: A Bucket List Adventure Tour!


Swimming with wild dolphins is a magical experience. Dolphin Swim Australia offers a dolphin swim tour that will blow your mind. Join us and enjoy an intimate encounter with beautiful wild dolphins off the coast of Port Stephens, NSW.

You will not believe how close the dolphins choose to swim with you. Not only will you be in a dolphins natural habitat, you will be a part of their favorite part of a dolphins’ day: PLAY TIME!

Dolphins are brilliant mammals who love interacting with our swimmers. Book your dolphin swim NOW and learn how dolphins play in the wild!

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